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            玄武门校区:   02583271110
            江 宁校区:   02586185110
            火   警:   119
            公   安:   110
            急   救:   120
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            Serial Number: University Security Office [2013] No.2


            Standards for Electrical Appliance Use in Dormitory


            All Schools, Departments and Administrative Offices:

            The following standards are created to define prohibited utilities, prevent fire safety hazards, to maintain a good learning and living environment, and to ensure the safety of life and property of students.

            Other than electrical appliances equipped by the university, students are allowed to use the following appliances:

            (1) Cold-light table lamp (e.g. LED). Incandescent lamp power shall not exceeding 25W

            (2) Charger (output voltage below 12V, not allowed to use on or near the bed)

            (3) Breeze fan (power 15W or less)

            (4) Low-power hair dryer (power 500W or less)

            (5) Personal Computer

            (6) Washing machine

            (7) Air conditioner

            Appliances with no Chinese logo, no manufacturer name and no brand (the “three-no” products) are regarded as poor quality products or home-made equipment and are prohibited.

            Other than electrical appliances equipped by the university and the above-mentioned 7 categories, all other electrical appliances are prohibited, and shall be put in custody by the Property Management Office until student graduate.


            Security Office of China Pharmaceutical University

            电话:02583271110(玄武门)  02586185110(江宁)